Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hello folks,

Well we have obtained 57 followers, which an increase of 20 since my last post, although it is somewhat discouraging I know you all have been supportin a lot which I really appreciate. Hopefully I can find some time to post some more car advice and give up some of my secrets to google advertising, but until then I can't really donate much.

I will also attempt a post on what to do if you have a lemon, and lemon law in the state of california, if you might need a lemon law attorney or insurance attorney. From the reader response, I know this is more of a concern then the plexiglass carbon fiber windows I am developing, which ties into my next point:

Now a couple of you have asked where exactly the donations are going to go - and that's a good point I never really thought about it. But after much thinking and self introspection, I believe the best path for the money to flow would be involved in the carbon fiber windows. I hope you all agree, lets get to followin!


  1. Damn, I think I got a lemon because there is so much wrong w/my car :(

  2. Hehe, pro tip:

    You need to update more often! ^^

  3. followin

  4. hmm interesting idea , would be cool to see it

  5. Thanks for the posts!

    Out of curiosity, which would you make a higher priority: biofuels or vehicle weight?

  6. @Cynthia thanks for the "protip" I will try to make more posts

    @Indie I think they are of equitable importance but when push comes to shove biofuels have much more potential. The question is can they work, when vehicle weight has been PROVEN to reduct MPG's.