Friday, September 10, 2010

Thank you!

The amount of emails, comments and follows I have started receiving after only a day of exploration on the subject of plexi glass carbonate replacement windows has been extraordinary. I cannot thank you enough and it helps me realize the importance of the undertaking at hand. That being said, I will be on vacation for the next two days, but no fear, when I come back I plan to present more ideas, such as those in the popular mechanics cycle, as well as draw up an outline of some techniques for effective weight ratios that are needed in a car.

Also, popular mechanics has another interesting article, this time on the EPA. Seems the EPA is getting confused yet again - but their ideas are on the right track.



  1. "plexi glass carbonate replacement windows has been extraordinary"

    What exactly does that mean? Are they like a new type of window and what sort of benefits do they provide compared to old plexi glass.

  2. Well Six, it all depends what you're after. They have been extraordinary because they are much lighter and less dense, but if you follow me and see my latest post, they are really safe too!